07 May 2013

I've Got No Strings

On Friday, I went to see my friends' band Goldener play again. I wanted to keep it light since summer is coming up- things tend to go straight from winter to summer here.

Picking an outfit was tough- though it was 90 degrees when I chose my outfit in the afternoon, I had to keep myself a bit covered since the nights are still a little chilly. I brought along a jacket since I wasn't really sure what the temperature would be, but it wound up being unnecessary in the end.

Here, I'm wearing a vintage Rampage skirt and Dolce Vita flats with black tights and a white blouse with a black peter pan collar. This color combination has really grown on me lately- I've bought at least two tops with the same neckline and color combo!

I kind of wanted to make the top the focal point of my outfit, so I tried to stick it with plainer, darker pieces on the bottom- though I couldn't resist adding a baby pink belt to the skirt. I haven't worn this one in a while because it's too long, but I found a great article on Fashionrolla about tying your too-long belts. I did a cool figure-eight knot (that I, of course, didn't think to photograph) and I look forward to trying a couple of more in the future!

As for hair, I went for a double-fishtail braided style that I was really happy with. It apparently looks like it took a long time to do, too, which I found hilarious considering it only took me about ten minutes to do my hair (and it took five of those to french-braid my bangs). I love styles like this, too- though center parts aren't very flattering on me, I love wearing pigtails and ponytails to emphasize my split dye job. The right side is black and the left side is auburn. I need to redye it but I can't settle on a color (or colors) right now, and I kind of like how it looks, anyways.

The collar has a cute stud detail, and I paired it with a bird necklace that was a gift from my grandmother. There's another little detail hiding on the collar, too, though...

One of the studs on the collar popped off, so I had to replace it in a bit of a pinch! I used an earring shaped like Figaro from Pinocchio, and I'm pretty happy with the end result. I have a bunch of star gems that I mean to replace the stud with when I have a chance, though.

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